My Crazy Dreams

03/01/07 – Skate boarders wearing bonnets… that’s all I remember.

12/15/06 – I was working at the mall again (at Brookstone, where I worked during college). The store next to us was a place that sold pet fish and they were about to unveil their newest rare species. They let me and my manager go to their back room to get a sneak peek. In their back room was a huge aquarium with what looked like a miniature Panda bear swimming around underwater… it was even hairy! I just kept saying how cute it was.
11/23/06 – (I had this dream after I woke up early to put the turkey in the oven, and went back to sleep). I went to check on the turkey after a couple hours, and it wasn’t in the oven. I found it in the cabinet under the sink, with hand soap all over it. I washed it off and stuck it back in the oven.

05/18/04 – I went into labor and when we went to the hospital, I found out that I had to try to get to 10 cm dilated before another lady so we could get the “good” delivery / recovery room with the king size bed. All the other rooms only had queen sized beds. 🙂
04/21/04 – I cooked macaroni with chocolate sauce. I melted Hershey’s kisses and mixed in a littlle milk to make the sauce. Then I was searching all over the house for strawberries to put in it. That was a wierd dream. Maybe it was a dream about a pregnancy craving. 🙂
04/02/04 – I was alone in our house and there was a big storm and it partially flooded the house. Later, my mom came over and said she was moving into the house and that she was going to take the master bedroom, so Nathan and I would have to move to one of the other rooms. I was so mad that I said we would just move into another house. Her reply was :don’t you rush into anything, now!” (That dream made no sense whatsoever!)
(during a nap later that day…) I was napping in bed and woke up and there was a tray of meatballs by the bed. I was really hungry and it looked tastey, so I ate them…all of them. Then I realized that they were still raw when I ate them, and was worried I would get sick.
03/16/04 – I had the baby, and was moved to the recovery room, which I shared with many other women. I hadn’t seent he baby yet, and I asked Nathan to show me some of the digital pictures he took. He kept showing me pictures of us with a baby photo shopped in. I kept asking for the pictures of the real baby, but he wouldn’t show me, so I was getting worried that I didn’t really have the baby, or that something happened to the baby. Then I woke up. I didn’t like that dream.
03/11/04 – I woke up from a nap and realized that someone had broken into the house by installing a doggy door in the front door and crawling in thru it. My dog just kept running in and out of the front door like she was really happy it was there. I called the police because I was afraid there was still someone in the house. The police came and we started to look around to see what was missing. My first thought was “Nathan’s computer!!!”, but I checked and all the computers were still there. Then as we looked around more, the only thing I noticed was that my purse was sitting in the middle of the kitchen floor, which was rather odd. The police told me to check it to see if any checks, credit cards or cash were stolen. I opened my wallet and saw that all my cash was there, then I noticed that there were some bills in there that I know I didn’t have before. There were two $500 bills and another bill with a whole bunch of zeros, so I couldn’t even tell how much it was. I asked the police to verify that it wasn’t counterfeit or stolen, and the officer said the bills were legit and that we get to keep them. In the end, it totalled out to about $120, 000!!! In the dream, I thought, “ah, yeah! We can pay off the house!”
02/11/04 – My brother gave birth to a baby on my mom’s coffee table while he was still working. He spends a lot of time on the phone at his job helping his various “clients” with computer situations, and he works from home. So while he was in labor, he still had his headset on and was chatting with clients and was still being very polite like it was no big deal. Pregnancy gives me BIZARRO dreams!!!
01/11/04 – Dreamt we had a baby boy…he was wearing a baby blue sleep and play outfit. It was the 2nd day we had the baby home and I realized that I hadn’t changed his diaper or nursed him since we got home! Nathan was also tossing him in the air to play, but I told him he might want to wait until the baby could hold up his head before he starts tossing him into the air like that. Another wierd baby dream I had was being at the grocery store (without baby) and asking women if I could nurse their babies. THAT was wierd!!!
09/28/03 – Nancy Reagan was preparing for a parade she was going to be in and the plan was for her to be riding on a bicycle that would be pulled by a carriage. She was putting me in charge of decorating the bicycle for her, so we were discussing the plans. I recommended that we add training wheels to the bike so she wouldn’t have to worry about actually riding it. I told he she would be able to sit gracefully on the seat with both legs to one side, since she would want to wear a dress for the occasion, and wave to the crowd. I also had some ideas about painting it red and decorating it with flowers and that type of thing. She seemed to like my ideas and she wanted me to get to work.
04/28/03 – I had bugs (these little beetle thingys, black and shiny) crawling all over me. I had to ask nathan to help me get them off . It was yucky, but not as scary as it really would have been if It had happened in real life. Something in my head must make me know that it’s all just a wierd dream.
02/23/03 – I was playing field hockey with golf clubs with these uppity country club old people. I was really happy and laughing cause I was winning.
02/22/03 – I was in some reality show competition where the contests were really wierd. On of my team mates had to climb a rope into a skylight with her hands under her legs ( i may have to demonstrate to make that image clearer in your head). Another guy had to pull himself across some raffia ropes that were suspended from one wall to another. The ropes were made by our team and ended up not being very stable. The rope started to detach from one wall, then he fell, but he was quick like a cat and managed to turn his body so he fell on his side instead of his back or head. I was impressed and thought to myself, “he must’ve been in kung-fu”. Another girl had to ice skate in a circle with one leg in the air for as long as she could. But here’s the kicker… There was a group of children and one man with loose teeth and there were some other people with “fake” loose teeth mixed into the group. My job was to be blind-folded and gloved and I had to compete with other teams to find the real loose teeth and pull them out. But if you accidentally pulled out one of the “fake” loose teeth, then you lose. (I wonder if that has anything to do with the fact that I have a dental appointment this week).
Another competition was that I had to drive our Toyota Camry up a steep hill with boulders and rocks along with a team mate who was supposed to bring some object to the top of the hill. We managed to get to the top, but when we got there, we realized that my team mate left the “object” at the bottom of the hill. It just so happened that there was a man at the top with a skateboard, so I decided that my team mate could ride the skateboard down the grassier part of the hill (that way, if he fell, the grass would be more cushion than boulders and rocks… I know, I’m brilliant 😉
While I was waiting for him to get the “object, I was supposed to do another competition where we had to help these kids catch these water bugs swimming in a kiddie pool. There was a kid there that kept flicking water bugs at me and creeping me out, so I told him, “Yeah, we’ll see if I help you catch any more bugs!!!” …this was a pretty detailed and wacky-doo dream. Maybe it had something to do with the fact that we woke at 4:45 that morning and didn’t sleep til really late that night… really, that’s gotta be it. I don’t do drugs and I didn’t have any Nyquil ! 🙂
02/21/03 – Nathan and I won the PDA championships with our new Dell Axim. ( I don’t know what the actual competition was like, but I remember we got a great big trophy) Hee-hee!
01/04/03 – I found a little black puppy that i was hiding from Nathan because I’m not allowed to have any more pets 🙂 I kept trying to make it eat because it was too skinny. I was hiding it under a blanket, then I decided it was too cute, so I kept it and took it out from the blanket and it started eating.
07/29/02 – I stayed hom from work today…not feeling too well. Anyways, While I was sleeping (all day) I had a dream that someone was in the bedroom and bouncing the bed up and down…being really annoying. They were also messing with all the things on the nightstand. I remember trying to wake up (either in the dream or in real life) to see who was i the bedroom, but i couldn’t open my eyes. Then I woke up for real and I had a creepy feeling that someone had been in the house. But I’m pretty sure that no one was…My trusty basset hound would’ve drown them with her licking…
05/03/02 – A woman was showing me how to make a pineapple upside down cake for a carnival/fair. We mashed up already made store bought pineapple cake and put it in the bottom of the cake pan and poured more cake batter over it. I thought it was a wierd idea, but I didn’t argue. My brother and his friend were giving me a ride to the carnival to drop off the cake. I had to ride in the hatchback of a tiny car. My brother’s friend was driving and he was very fidgety and sweaty becuase his wife was in labor at the hospital (of course). I kept buggin him and saying, “are you nervous?” “are you scared?”. He was swerving a lot and I had to hold onto the cake very tight so it wouldn’t get ruined.
04/20/02 – I was at work and this woman from another department came into micro and asked me if she could borrow some test tubes and caps. I told her that would be fine. She then proceeded to take ALL of our test tubes. I told her that she can’t take all of them because we’d eventually need some. I said she could have a couple, but not all of them. So then she started taking a bunch of other stuff as well…pens, post-it notes, staplers…anything she could get her hands on. I didn’t know what to do, so I told my manager. Later,when I was getting ready to leave work, I couldn’t find my coat, so I started crying, but someone told me to check the playground (yes…in my dream, there was a playgound outside the laboratory). I went outside and there it was hanging on the jungle gym.
04/18/02 – I was getting in my car to follow some people I know (don’t remember where to…). I started driving, but I realized that it was very difficult to drive because I had a sewing machine on the front dash and I had a hard time reaching past the sewing machine pedal to the gas and break pedal. So I decided to pull into a parking lot and put the sewing machine in the trunk. (I’m not sure why it was on the dash in the first place.) Anyways, I found a lot to pull into, but while I was finding a place to park, a police car pulled in front of me and stopped and I slammed on my breaks…I guess I hit him because a police officer came out and said that we’d have to wait for some “witnesses” to come and we would both tell them our story and they would decide who was guilty…then I woke up.
04/03/02- Nathan and I were living in my old house in VA, which is a 2-story house. We woke up one morning and it was raining. I was so tired and I wanted to go back to sleep, but I got up to get ready, but looked out the window first. When I looked outside, there was water all the way up to the top of the porch…it must have been 5 feet or so. The whole place was flooded in the street and in the cul-de-sac around the house. Then I noticed that there were cows swimming in the water and I thought to myself, “I didn’t know cows could swim! Welp, I better call work to let them know I’ll be late.” I called work and said, “Hi! This is Vanessa…I was just calling to let you know that I’ll be a bit late for work because I have to wait for the water to go down a bit before I can drive through it. There is 5 feet of water around the house and there are cows in the water. Okay, see you when I get in…bye.” I was really happy cause then I could sleep in a little bit. Then the alarm went off and I woke up and it was sunny… and I thought, “Oh well, no flood. I guess I have to go to work.”
03/27/02- I was at a waterpark with my best friend from childhood and Nathan (we were all kids). We went on a water slide that had a hole in the middle of it. You were supposed to slow yourself down before the hole, then jump over it onto the other part of the slide. I did it and I got to the bottom, but I wasn’t sure that Nathan knew about the hole, so I kept yelling and hollering from the bottome of the slide, “Jump, Nathan, you have to jump or else you’ll fall!.” …then I woke up.

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This is alway’s fun to read.
You’re just way too funny girlfriend.
I hope you and the rest of the family are doing great.

Auntie Ilene

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