Movie Theater Etiquette

I went to the movies to see “Marley and Me” with Grandma and Mom today. I haven’t been to a theater since I saw “Ratatouille” with Nathan and Sean a looong time ago. We usally rent movies and watch them in the comfort and quietness of our own home. Going to the movies today reminded me that it really is nicer to watch movies at home. Why are there always THOSE people (you know who you are!) who feel the need to offer their opinion on scenes throughout the movie??? There’s really no need to say OUT LOUD, “that was really funny!” when we’ve all already had a good laugh and it’s on to the next scene. And for those who have seen a movie before already, you don’t need to offer your viewing partner the “You gotta watch this!” advice at the better parts of a movie… It kinda spoils the surprise, and yes, we came to the movies to WATCH it. One thing I was surprised about was that people actually paid attention to the “turn off your cell phone” warnings. I didn’t hear a single ring the whole time. Now one thing I will say is that there were 3 different warnings in between the previews. I wonder if there has been a study done and maybe 3 is the optimal number of times that people need to have a warning message sink in. Maybe one or two warnings is too few and more than three just annoys people to the point that they turn their ringers on full volume just to be spiteful. I don’t know. Also, what’s with the dude a couple rows back who was obviously hacking up a lung for several minutes at one time and then onand off throughout the movie? After a few gross coughs, maybe it’s time to hie thee to the lobby and finish your hacking there. I’m sure the person sitting in front of you would have appreciated that, especially. Also, maybe you shouldn’t come to the theater if you have Tuberculosis.

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