Albuquerque family

Mountain Day

Nathan took a couple days off this week so we can have some family time with Sean for his birthday… his 3rd birthday is tomorrow! Today we took him hiking in the Sandias. We hiked up to Sandia Cave, and sat by the stream along the dirt road for a bit. The stream was pretty full, and very pretty. What is it about the sound of water, whether it be the ocean or a river or stream, that is just so relaxing? I could have sat on my little rock next to the stream all day and enjoyed the sound. Sean had fun throwing rocks into the water and we even let him take off his shoes and get his feet wet. We went a little ways into Sandia Cave, but didn’t get far because of our lame-o flash light. We had one of those flashlights that you shake to make it work, but the “charge” only works for about a minute or 2… pretty bad. We had to keep turning it off, sit in the dark and shake it, so we could see again. The cave is also very dusty, so you get covered in the yellowish cave dust when you go in. It’s still pretty fun, and it’s an easy hike to do with little kids.

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