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Measuring eyes

BEG had to have some tests run before her cataract surgery next month to measure her eyes.  One of the methods uses this tube that was placed over her eyeball (while her eye was held wide open) and then filled with fluid.  It didn’t look pleasant at all.  Thankfully, she had numbing eye drops put in her eye before these tests.  Another test they did was an ultrasound of her eye.  I never imagined that they would do ultrasounds of an eye!  They used a smaller transducer than they use for prenatal ultrasounds.  They put the gel on the transducer, then put it right on her eyeball.  I was amazed at how she could sit so still through that!  She said her eye felt gooey. 🙂

Her surgery is coming up in less than a month.  She is ready for it.  I hope it will improve her vision, especially at night.  Sometimes her patch time is at night time, and we go for walks at night.  She has to hold on to myself or her Daddy because she can barely see if her good eye is covered.

Her shots are going as well as can be expected.  Some weeks she gets 2 medications, others she just gets 1.  She still cries a little bit when she has to get a shot.  I hate putting her through it, but it seems to be helping.  She hasn’t had inflammation recently.  We have another follow-up tomorrow, so hopefully it’s all good news.    🙂

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