Making Progress – Birthday Blessings!

Mia had another follow-up today, on her birthday.  It has been a week since we started treating her recurrent uveitis.  I’m happy to report that her eye looked great today.  Not much inflammation left, although she has developed some scar tissue once again, but it isn’t severe.  Her ocular pressures look good as well.  Her vision was also improved since last week.  We are down to a drop every 2 hours now, for the next 2 weeks, and then we will see where she stands at that point.  We will still keep up with the dilating drops to help break up the scar tissue.  Hopefully we can start tapering her off again, but at a much slower pace to help prevent recurrence.  This was such good news for us!  I’m so glad that she is still responding well to the drops.

We also got news today that my nephew got to go home from the hospital after a bout of severe asthma and possible pneumonia due to some sort of respiratory infection.  He had been in the hospital all week, plus a few days last week.

Much to be thankful for today!!!

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