Lost Count

I lost count of what number workout day it is.  I guess it doesn’t much matter since I’m hoping to just keep it up long-term.  Yesterday I did Ellen Barrett’s old “Burn and Firm Pilates” while the littler ones were napping.  Today I worked out with Ellen again and did “Slim Sculpt”.  She really likes to work the shoulders.  I like her workouts because they really help my core strength.  After 3 pregnancies and 3 c-sections, I REALLY need that.  🙂

Yesterday was a “fail” in terms of eating healthy.  There were ranch flavored chicken fries on clearance at the store and I totally succumbed to the temptation.  They were tasty.  So was the frozen pizza that we had for dinner.  Like I said, FAIL.  Hopefully I’ll do better… especially since the pizza leftovers are gone now.  Dinner should be good.  Italian chicken, green beans, and salad.  Of course, after eating like that yesterday, I’m totally bloated.  I’m so thankful for elastic pants on days like today.  Ha!!!


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