Losing teeth, growing teeth, gritting teeth

Losing teeth :  Sean just lost his 2nd tooth.  He now has a big gap in the bottom middle of his mouth.  It looks pretty cute.  He kept wiggling it today and asking me is I wanted to pull it out cause he knew it freaked me out.  He finally just got a tissue and took care of it himself cause it was hurting and sensitive every time it wiggled.  I’m glad that’s done for now.

Growing teeth:  Mia has around 6 teeth (or more) all coming in at the same time.  One molar is finally completely broken through to the surface.  She still has some canines and the ones next to them coming up.  She’s been doing really well, and not fussy much.  She hasn’t wanted to eat much, but she’s still guzzling milk like it’s an addiction.  She’s about a week shy of being 22 months old.  Not long until she’s 2!  She weighs about 29 pounds right now.  Big girl, I know.

Gritting teeth:  Nathan has been “helping” me to stick to a workout schedule.  I don’t really like working out.  There I said it.  It’s true.  This is where the gritting of teeth comes in.   If I can get out of it, I will try.  But it’s not easy to get out of it, when my husband has it scheduled in the evenings.  It is a good thing, though, and I need someone to hold me accountable, otherwise, I’d just sit and eat Hershey Kisses all night.  I’m trying to lose some poundage and improve some borderline cholesterol numbers.  I want to lose the weight in case we decide to try for another little blessing in our family.  And if not, then at least I’ll fit into some skinny(er) jeans.

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