It’s been a long while since I did an actual post, so here ya go…

We took a family vacation to California in July and we hit Disneyland on mine and Nathan’s birthday (yes, same day). We had fun in Cali, but the drive to and from was not what I would call fun. Mia was not a very good traveler at the time. She has since learned to sit in her car seat and not complain too much, thankfully!

Sean and I started home school Kindergarten last Monday, on August 24th. So far, it’s going well… we’re keeping up with our schedule, and even doing extra lessons when we both feel like it. So far, it seems to be a breeze for him, but we haven’t really started anything complicated. We’re doing math, phonics, american history and creation science. I have a handwriting curriculum that I picked up as well, but the math and phonics has so much writing already, so I think I’ll hold off on that, so as to not cripple his little hand before he turns 6. I plan to do some social studies type lessons using library books, too. We also get to have fun with some artsy type stuff as well. I love that we can get outside and play (built-in P.E.!) after we finish our book work. Today we went to the park and played some soccer and did some running. We’re thinking about registering him for basketball this winter too. When I asked him if he’d like to play on a team, he said, “yeah, but I can’t dribble very well.” I think he forgets sometimes that he’s only 5. 🙂

Mia is now almost 7 months old. She still refuses to crawl, or spend much time on her belly at all. She just wants to stand up and has started to try to pull herself up to stand sometimes. Nothing really seems to motivate her enough to really try to crawl or scoot over to get it. Lazy baby! She’s around 16 and a half pounds and 24.15 feet (don’t make me convert that to inches). She’s still a chunk, but definitely not as chunky as she used to be. She’s eating some solid food now. Her favorites are squash and corn, peas, and mashed avocados. She doesn’t have much of sweet tooth, at least not for pureed fruits. But she does enjoy bits of brownies when I can spare them off my plate. 🙂

It’s funny. I thought that once we started home schooling, I’d be a frazzled mess, but I actually feel even more organized and relaxed during the day. I also thought that waking up earlier to get school done would drive me crazy, but it’s been going well, and I feel more rested than before we started… and Mia is STILL waking up every 2-3 hours at night! Go figure!

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