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Last Scheduled Appointment Until Surgery

Today was the last scheduled eye appt before BEG’s cataract surgery next month.  No inflammation AND her eye pressures were better.  🙂  Her cataract is still bad.  Her vision has gotten worse in the left eye.  Right eye is still 20/20, so that’s good.  Lord willing, her vision will improve after the surgery.  I don’t know how long it will take to determine that, but we have a follow-up the very next morning after surgery.  Doc also mentioned today that we would likely still have to do some patching after the surgery.  We are currently doing 4 hours a day – patching her good eye to force her weaker eye to work).

Between the eye appointments, rheumatology appointments, patching, numerous daily eye drops, weekly/biweekly injections, constant trips to the pharmacy, time spent on the phone with Doc offices and Insurance companies, and homeschooling 3 kiddos, we have a lot going on.  I sometimes feel overwhelmed, but I know not to rely on my own strength alone to get us through this season.  I’m always so thankful for the strength and comfort God provides and the many, many prayers He has answered!  Praise God!!!  I’m also so incredibly thankful for all of our dear friends who are faithful to keep our family in their prayers!  We are so abundantly blessed!!!

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