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Jemez Camping Trip

We took a one day camping trip to Jemez for our birthday. It was a rainy day when we were there yesterday, but only about 45 minutes of it was an actual thunderstorm. We had plenty of time to drive around the area and look around before setting up camp. We took a side road from Jemez Springs (F.R. 485) that went to the west and passed by the Gilman tunnels. We continued on this road and eventually found a nice secluded campsite off the dirt road. I had originally thought that we might set up camp at one of the “developed” camp sites, but this turned out to be WAY better. No one else was around, so it was very cool. Speaking of cool, we forgot our jackets and didn’t have sleeping bags (only blankets), so it was very cold during the night and in the morning, especially after the rain. Nathan said he could see his breath. I didn’t realize that we would be up so high in elevation (only today did I notice there were aspens around us), otherwise, I would have taken better precautions against the cold. This was the first time we’ve gone camping together, and Sean’s first time ever. It went well and we had a lot of fun. We stopped a couple times to wade in the little creek (Jemez River?) nearby. The water was cold, but bearable. Sean fell in both times. A fun time was had by all, although Nathan and I didn’t get much sleep… we’re too spoiled by our memory foam matress pad, I guess. 🙂 Must remember to bring air mattress next time. Check out my Flickr page for pictures.

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