In Lawrence

We made it to Lawrence, KS Friday around noon. Our flight from Albuquerque arrived in Kansas City, MO thursday night around 1:30 AM. Boy were we tired. We had to take a taxi to the hotel we were staying at last night. The taxi driver was an angry foreign man who kept muttering things at us under his breath (I’m pretty sure it wasn’t good things he was saying). He got mad that I wanted to strap Sean’s carseat into the car and put Sean in it. He kept saying “no, I drive fast” meaning that he would get us to the hotel quickly, so I didn’t have to strap him in. I’m glad I did because this guy was all over the road!!! Overtaking cars and drving on the middle dotted line. I was praying in the car. It was pretty scary. He was also pretty rude… until my mom paid him, of course. Mom tipped him $2.50, but I didn’t think she shouldn’t have tipped him. After he drove off, mom found one of the dolla bills on the ground. He had dropped it. so I guess he really only got $1.50 afterall.

Today we rented a 2006 Dodge Charger (sweet ride, if you don’t mind mediocre gas efficiency) to get us to Lawrence, KS. Kev and family and cousin Gina arrived this afternoon. Soon after was the commencement of good food and silliness. My brother and Gina prank called a couple of my cousins who weren’t able to make it. Silly, silly!

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