I feel cold air! :-)

I had some guys come take a look at the fridge today. They replaced the relay, and it seems to be working. The freezer is blowing cold air and he said that it should be making ice in about 6 hours. Woot! It will still take until about tomorrow morning for the refrigerator to be down to 35 degrees though. The company I called happens to be the same company that Sear’s would have sent over… in 2 weeks. I lucked out and called them directly and had to wait all of 1 day… even less, not even 24 hours. Woot, again! I wonder how much it will be to replace all of our numerous condiments that prolly spoiled! I think I managed to save the mustard, A1, and a couple salad dressings. At least we have A1… that’s important. 🙂

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