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Horseback riding, Callie’s home

I got to go horseback riding with my Kansasians (Kansas relatives) a couple days ago. Mucho FUN! It was my first time riding. We went to Cedar Crest Stables on the other side of the mountains. We did a 2 hour ride on a trail that went into the Cibola National Forest. My horse’s name was Snoopy, and boy did he have a personality! He used to be used as the lead horse by our guide, so he always want to be at the farthest, 2nd in line. Everytime one of the other horses got in front of him, he’d head butt them in the rear to speed them up. It was really funny! I’d like to do another ride sometime… a 4 hour ride. You ride 2 hours to a waterfall in the Sandias and get off the horses and let them rest and drink and stretch out your legs, then it’s another 2 hour ride back. Check out my Flickr pics for photos of the ride.
Callie came home on Monday night. We brought her home with the intention of just letting her be at home for a while before we put her to sleep, but once she was home, she started doing really well. So she’s eating well, and drinking, and all that good stuff. The vet showed me how to give her fluids under her skin with a needle every day, just to make sure she doesn’t get dehydrated. She seems to not mind it too much. She just doesn’t like to sit still while I’m doing it. I did it this morning with no problems.

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i’m sooo jealous of you!! i love horseback riding!!! i’m totally going to do the 4 hour ride with you! DON’T GO WITHOUT ME!

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