Home From Hospital

We arrived home from the hospital today (Friday).  The docs and nurses worked especially hard for us to be discharged by lunchtime instead of the usual late afternoon.  They were really great in understanding how eager we were to get home and get to adjusting to this new phase in our lives.  They decided that Kai’s weight loss should resolve once my milk comes in, and until then, we are supplementing a little formula after I breast feed him so that he doesn’t get dehydrated and he continues to gain weight.   I still need to go back to the lactation clinic early next week so they can weigh him and make sure he’s nursing okay.

I’m feeling pretty well for just being a few days post-op.  This recovery was DEFINITELY easier than recovering from a c-section after having been through a long labor first.  I’m getting winded and out of breath pretty easily, due to my anemia, but I’m getting around well, thankfully.

It’s so nice to be home!!!  Kai’s weight coming home was 6 pounds, 1 ounce.  He’s so tiny!  I never imagined we’d have a baby so teeny!  We have socks that were too small for Sean and Mia at birth, and they look like clown shoes on little Kai!  We also never needed newborn sized clothing for our other kiddos since they were bigger, so Kai is swimming in his clothing… even the 0-3 month old sizes.  I’m sure he’ll gain weight soon, but it’s just so funny to see how much smaller he is than his siblings were.  I think he looks quite a bit like Sean, except with a little less hair.  I’ll have to hold off on the cloth diapering until he gains some weight too since ours are sized for 7 pounds at the smallest.  He’s just so tiny and cute!

I hope Nathan is able to catch up on some sleep… he’s been such a trooper this week, and such a great help to me at the hospital.  Shila also got to come and stay the night with me and Kai one night at the hospital since Nathan had a job interview the next day.  I figured that he shouldn’t be sleep deprived and show up looking all disheveled and sleepy.  Just not the impression you’d want to make.  🙂 anyways, we’re all glad to be home, and the kids are glad to have us all home too.  Thanks to everyone for their prayers on our behalf.  We’re very thankful that things went so well and we’re home and healthy.  Praise God!

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