Here we go!

After checking the calendar to be sure, I figured out that Mia’s last day of eye drops is today, not next week, as I originally thought.  After today, we are supposed to stop all 3 drops and hope for the best.  She has only been having the steroid eye drop every other day for the past 3 weeks.  We’ve also been continuing the dilating drops and the drops for her ocular pressure daily.  We are about to leave for a week-long trip, so hopefully no problems come up while we are away from home.  Please keep our girl in prayer that the uveitis doesn’t return.


UPDATE:  We went on our trip and her eye flared up again.  We had to see an eye doc in Galveston, pay out of pocket since our insurance wasn’t accepted there, and drive through a tropical storm to get to her eye appointment.  We promptly got her back on the drops, and her eye quieted back down within a week.  Now we need to figure out what other medication to try since the drops themselves aren’t working to get rid of the inflammation completely.

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