Happy New Year, Yo!

We spent the evening at home with the kiddos to ring in the new year.  Mia fell asleep around 10, so she partied in her crib at midnight.  Sean stayed up and made his own Lego Batman setup with real legos, but he informed us that since he didn’t have a Batman lego dude, he had to use the Indiana Jones dude.  He also kept asking about every 30 minutes when it was time for the sparkling grape juice.  He didn’t care about the changing of the year… he just wanted the fancy juice in the fancy cups and wanted to clank the glasses together and yell, “Cheers!”.  Sean is currently passed out on the couch.  He lost his battle against the sandman about a minute after he told me, “I’m not sleepy at all!  I could stay up for days!”.

Nathan and I awaited the countdown by playing scrabble.  It got pretty close, and he pulled ahead for a bit.  I had the chance to play the word “machined” on a triple word square and use all my letters for the additional bonus, but I didn’t think it was really a word.  I’ve heard the phrase “machined the rotors” when talking about cars, but I thought that was just a slangy way of saying it.  Well, it’s a real word.  I was so sad that I passed up that opportunity.  Nathan was glad I did…until my next turn, that is.  I was able to play “Romanced” on the triple word square and used all my letters on that to get the bonus, so I went and laid  the smack down on poor hubby.  But at least it was a sweet word like “romanced”.  Love you, honey!

After the New Year arrived, I played “Professor Layton and the Curious Village” on my DS and FINALLY finished it.  Now I can get the 2nd game!  Yay!  Now it’s 3 am and I’m going to bed, which means the baby will be up very early.  Oh well, Thus it goes.

Oh, and…..

Happy New Year!!!

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