Haircut Night, Prego update

Tonight was hair cutting night at the Alter homestead.  Nathan, Sean and Mia all got trims.  This was Mia’s first time getting her hair trimmed.  I SO regret not getting a really good picture of how long her hair was before hand and of me actually cutting it.  🙁  Totally bummed!  She did really good, but that kind of scares me.  When i made the first cut, she asked to see the hair, so I showed it to her, and she smiled and said “wow!  I can’t believe it!”.  Now, I’m so worried that she enjoyed it so much that she’ll try to cut her own hair when I’m not looking.  I need to hide all the scissors!  Anyways, I trimmed it to the middle of her back.  It had gotten so long that it was getting in the way of potty training somewhat… it was that long… down to her bottom.  I know lots of people loooove how long her hair had gotten, but it’s a pain when you not only have to wipe your kid, but also wash her hair sometimes when she uses the potty.  Totally TMI, huh?  Well, now you know why I decided to trim it.

In pregnancy news, I am 37 weeks pregnant.  I guess that’s considered full term, so if I went into labor, they’d just go ahead and deliver this little guy.  I’m seeing my OB every week, and also having non-stress testing twice weekly and ultrasounds to check my amniotic fluid once a week.  Lots of testing, but it’s nice to know that he’s doing just fine, despite my diabetes troubles.  I’m so thankful that my gestational diabetes has been manageable with just oral meds, and at the lowest dose.  No insulin shots required.  Of course, I can’t wait until I can again indulge in more sweets now and then.  I’ve hit that point where it is getting hard to get around.  I thought i was waddling at 34 weeks, but wow, it’s gotten worse, and somewhat more painful when I’m up and around too much.  My fingers and feet are starting to swell slightly… totally attractive, I know.  when my feet swell, they look like HUGE hobbit feet, except without the hair.  No cankles… yet.  Only 2 more weeks!  It’s getting close!

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