Garage Sale Success

Our garage sale was a pretty good success. Surprisingly, we had a busier day on Friday than on Saturday. The clothes and stuff that were priced 50 cents each all sold out… one guy bought me out when I still had 29 pieces left! I gave him a decent deal for taking all of them though. The stuff that didn’t sell well was old computer monitors, and LOTS of cables and adapters for electronics. Just about all we had ended up at Goodwill. I learned that people do not want to pay more than 50 cents for adult clothing at a yard sale. They were,however, willing to pay $1.00 to $5.00 for baby clothes, especially name brands in good condition. Sold all our “big” stuff like a nice classical guitar, computer desk and glider with ottoman… that was nice to get those gone. Sean earned enough money to buy a new Star Wars Lego set. It’s his first “big boy” set of Legos. And so begins the days of finding tiny Lego pieces all over the house and clogging up the vacuum cleaner. 🙂 I’m glad the sale is over. It was a lot of work!

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