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Foaming Handsoap – Make Your Own

We began using foaming handsoap since Sean has trouble getting the regular soap well distributed on his hands. He does a much better job washing his hands if the soap is pre-foamed. I was about to run out and buy some foaming handsoap refills when I remembered that we had some regular hand soap left over. After looking on the internet, I found out that you can make your own foaming handsoap by mixing regular handsoap with water and putting it into a foaming handsoap dispenser. It’s nothing special about the handsoap mixture that makes it foam. It’s just the dispenser. So if you spend a buck on a new foam soap dispenser, then you can refill it cheaply with regular hand soap + water. The Internet concensus seems to be soap + water in a 1:5 to 1:7 ratio, although some recommend 1:10 ratio to be extra frugal. I found the 1:10 to be a bit too watery though. Some people even add a bit of rubbig alcohol to the mix to make “anti-bacterial” soap. That seems like overkill to me, especially after reading this. Need a review on how to properly wash your hands? Just remember, “Happy birthday to you…”

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Intersting. I got a bottle of foaming hand soap from Bed Bath and Beyond while it was on sale. Haven’t used it yet. I guess I’m trying to save it since It’s so expensive. Makes sense? Of course it does.

But now, I can make my own 🙂

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