Flu Shots

Sean and I went in for our annual Flu shots today. He did relatively well… screamed a couple times, then got a lollipop and quickly calmed down. Then he got to put a band-aid on my arm after I got my flu shot. My brother wants my my mom to get a flu shot since she will be visiting them for Thanksgiving and they’ll have a new baby (expected to make his debut around the end of the week). When I told my mom, she said she didn’t want to get a flu shot because they “make her sick”. This is a myth. The “flu shot” is made up of inactive (killed) virus particles, and therefore, cannot give you the flu. There is, however, a nasal flu vaccine that is made of weakened virus that may cause some people to have mild flu-like symptoms. While the flu shot cannot make you get the flu, it is not 100% effective against ALL flu viruses that exist. Each year, the vaccines are comprised of several specific strains of Influenza Virus that are believed to be prevalent during the coming flu season (this is based on studies done by the World Health Organization) . So it is possible to get a flu shot and still get sick with the flu… probably, one of the stains of Influenza that was not included in the current year’s flu vaccine. Getting the flu shot simply decreases your chances of getting the flu. You can also still get a COLD even if you get the flu shot. Many people mistake the common cold for the flu. This may be why so many people think that the flu shot either doesn’t work at all, or makes you sick. If you get a flu shot and then come down with a runny nose, cough, congestion, etc., don’t assume it’s from getting the flu shot. You either have a cold, or if it is truly an influenza virus, it may be a strain that you were not vaccinated against. Remember, the flu shot has killed virus in it, so it cannot give you the flu. For more info, check out the CDC flu website.

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