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First Time Sledding

Nathan, Sean and I went sledding up in the Sandias today. It was both Sean’s and my first time sledding. There was a small hill and a big hill. Sean was able to go down the small hill by himself. Nathan had fun on the big hill, and even conquered a couple big jumps on it, too. I went down the big hill twice, but I was scared! I don’t really like to go fast, even when I’m snowboarding, and you can’t really control where you’re going, so you could hit big bumps and fall off. I’m such a chicken! 🙂 The sleds we borrowed from some friends really got going. They were like boogie boards, but for snow. After going down the big hill twice, I told Nathan I would take Sean to the small hill and play with him there. The small hill was more my speed. haha! I was having more fun on the hill with the little kids, than on the regular hill. Nathan said that I need to try the big hill with a big inner tube, and that I would probably enjoy that more. The tubes did seem to go a bit slower, and they’re cushier, so when you hit bumps, it probably doesn’t hurt as much. I’ll definitely try the big hill next time if we have some big tubes. Now, where do we find big tractor size inner tubes?

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