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Filipino Gardener versus Russian Sage

I tried to dig up a Russian Sage shrub in our front yard today because it’s starting to grow too wide. I moved the rocks around the base and started shoveling. I tried to pry the shrub up by the roots, but the shovel would have broken. Very deep roots it has! So, needless to say, it’s still in our front yard. I pruned it really heavily, so hopefully it’ll be a little more compact. I was going to dig it up and divide it and plant the other parts of it in the back yard, but I think in order to dig t up, we’d have to kill it altogether and butcher the roots, so maybe we’ll let it stay another year. So if you were wondering who won in the battle between the “Filipino Gardener versus Russian Sage,” it wasn’t me. 🙂

I also pruned my roses in the front yard today and pruned my photinias by the front door. I’m wanting to trim my tall photinia bushes to be more like small trees. Maybe I can get started in that tomorrow. I also need to move some bulbs and tubers I dug up in the backyard. I’m rearranging my plants yet again… some day I’ll let the plants settle down for good.

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