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Feeding ducks and sneaky Peacocks

Sean and I went to the zoo a couple times this week to feed the birds. The first day we went, there were TONS of those fine feathered friends! They had us surrounded and some were trying to make Sean drop his bread on the ground by pecking at it and scaring him. There were also some sneaky peacocks that were pecking at the ducks if they got too close and they kept stealing the bread from the ducks. They were also trying to intimidate poor little Sean by pecking at his bread. One time, Sean got scared, so he threw a big chunk of bread on the ground and started hollering for me to carry him. The ducks ran forward to get it, but the peacocks pecked the ducks til they backed off. It was pretty crazy. The second day that we went, Nathan also got to go, and the ducks were a little more tame and the peacocks were “no-shows”.

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