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Eye Update

As of this morning, her eye inflammation has decreased slightly, but she still has a long way to go.  Doc said if we consider her eye inflammation from last week to be 10 out of a scale of 10, this week would be an 8 out of 10.  So there is improvement, but not much,  We are increasing her eye drops for the inflammation to every hour while awake instead of 8 times a day.  If the corticosteroid drops don’t do a good enough job with the  eye inflammation, we may need to move on to oral corticosteroid medications.  We are still dilating her pupils 3 times a day to try to break up the scar tissue that is holding the pupil in an irregular shape. The retina and optic nerve both look healthy, so that is good.  Her ocular pressure is normal.  She has developed some cloudiness on her cornea (scarring, I think), but that is on the side as opposed to in her field of vision, so hopefully that won’t affect her vision.  Her blood work came back later in the day to show that she does have some sort of “inflammatory process” (not infectious) going on in her body, but I haven’t gotten specifics from the doc since this news came in after our appointment and doc just left a voicemail about it.  I hope to learn more about that on Monday.  As it is, the new finding doesn’t change our current treatment plan.  We will get a referral to a pediatric rheumatologist sometime in the future for more testing.  I expect to speak to the doctor on Monday to find out more about her blood tests that were abnormal.  We have another follow-up in 1 week.

She is taking all these eye drops like a pro… not fussing at all about getting interrupted every hour.  She wore a bunny ear headband to the appointment today to show her doctor because she thought she would like it.  🙂  Such a silly, sweet girl she is.  We are taking advantage of our Fridays together without the boys and doing some shopping and we go out for lunch.  It’s really nice to get to spend time with her alone.  Thank you so much to my awesome sis-in-law who has watched the boys each week!  And thanks to everyone who has offered up prayers and well-wishes on Mia’s behalf!

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Continuing to pray in increased dosage.
Asking the Lord to guide the Doctor and to give Mia her sight back. We are always praying for everyone. Love you all.

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