Eye REALLY Don’t Like Uveitis!!!! I Don’t Either.

Eye appointment today… we had been tapering off of her drops since her last flare and things were going alright.  I went in to the appointment today thinking we would maybe be able to taper down a little more, and pressure would be good in her left eye.  That’s not what happened.  🙁  In Brown-Eyed Girl’s  left eye :  vision was a little worse, cataract was worse, optic nerve had small changes for the worse, eye pressure had gone up higher than it’s ever been.  Still some slight inflammation present.  Doc wants to set aside a cataract surgery date for 2-3 months out as long as we can achieve “no inflammation”.  She also wants to consult with a Glaucoma doc to see if they think BEG might need a procedure to help her eye be able to drain again, which would help her eye pressure.   BEG is having trouble taking her MTX orally, so we might have to go to shots.  The last Humira shot went better, but it still stinks to make her cry.  She goes through so much.  Over the past year and a half that we’ve dealt with her Uveitis, I’ve never really gotten down about it, but today… tears.  Ugh.  Please keep us all in prayer as we continue fighting this disease and fighting to keep BEG’s eyesight.

So to get over the Uveitis funk, let’s talk about blessings!!!  We were blessed to have just taken a fun road trip with my mom back to the East to see relatives who I haven’t seen in forever.  It was so nice to get to hug each of them, meet their babies, spouses, etc.  Also got to go to some fun places… Dinosaur Museum in Tucumcari (NM), Graceland, GA Aquarium, World of Coke, Audubon Aquarium in NOLA, Rode the steamboat Natchez, Destrehan Plantation near NOLA, beach in Galveston, TX.  We got to see the country as we drove… Arkansas is a very pretty state!  I’d love to go back and explore the Ozarks.   Some of the bridges we drove over were incredibly high over the rivers and lakes!  I’ve decided that road trips are pretty fun.

We are blessed that Nathan became a permanent employee last month and that his benefits began this month.  That will help us out with all the doctor visits and such.

We are blessed with wonderful friends and family that pray for us and send us well-wishes and encouragement.  The burdens we face in life would be much more difficult without you guys.






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