Eye Follow-up 1/16/15

At a follow-up appointment at the pediatric ophthalmologist this afternoon, Doc said we can STOP ALL EYE DROPS for now.  Whoo-hoo!  Can you see me?  No?!  Well too bad, cause I’m doing a rockin’ “Happy Dance” right about now!  🙂  Mia’s eye no longer has any inflammation, so she is considered healed from this episode.  Her pupil never did return to its regular round shape, but it’s close enough, and it shouldn’t affect her vision too much.  Her ocular pressure is back to normal in both eyes, but still on the higher end of normal in her good eye.  This should also go back down as the drugs continue to clear her system.  No formation of any cataracts, either, which can be caused by some of the eye medications.

Her left eye vision is still not as good as her right, but she will be re-evaluated in about 6 months to see if she might need glasses.  She will need eye check-ups every 3-4 months to monitor for new episodes until 7-9 years old.  This is because younger children tend to not show as many symptoms as older kids, so their uveitis can go untreated for too long without regular checks.  So our next check up will be in April.  Thanks to everyone for all the prayers and well-wishes over the past few months!  They were all answered!!!


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