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In the search for decent earbuds, we thought we had found the best ones. The Sony Fontopia in ear headphones with interchangeable rubber cushions have been the most comfortable so far. But those run around $40. This weekend, i found a cheaper alternative at Linens and Things (of all places) for only $20. They come with 3 different sizes of rubber cushions, so you can “customize” the fit a little better. The Fontopias come with only 2 sizes, but add a longer cord. I wore the new ones on my walk this morning and they work great. They block out sound since they fit into your ear, and I didn’t notice any sound problems. Wahoo! They’re made by Griffin Technology. Patents pending. Made in China. Oh, and they’re called “ear thumps” instead of ear buds… maybe that’s how they were able to copy Sony’s design. “No, no, they’re completely different than Sony’s ear buds… these are ear thumps! The only ear thumps on the market!”
UPDATE: I found on that the Sony Fontopias have been marked down to $25 from $40. So there ya go. Now the big name brand will only cost you $5 more, plus shipping, of course.

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What a coincidence! I just worked on a pair of these sony earbuds for a co-worker. It seems they worked well until they went through the dryer and the wire shielding melted. I can vouch for the quality, incredible workmanship inside.

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