Driver tip #53

The kiddos and I almost got run over in the Target parking lot… for those of you who don’t know… there are items located within and on the sides of your vehicle which reflect an image representative of what is behind you.  These are called “mirrors”.  When used correctly, they can help you see if you are about to run over anyone or a big red cart or any other “obstructions”.  It is also recommended that you back-up without your foot slammed down on the gas pedal.  Doing so could cause……well, it could cause bad stuff to happen and it’s just plain dumb.  Here are some steps you can try instead:

1.  Enter vehicle, and hang up your cell phone.  Seriously, hang it up.

2.  Buckle up (for safety).

3.  Adjust mirrors accordingly (yes, those reflective thingamajigs, and no… don’t adjust them to check your make-up.  Point them to the rear and side/rear of your car).

4.  Put car into “reverse” while still keeping your foot firmly on the brake pedal.  Wait!!!  I said the BRAKE pedal, NOT GAS.  I know, it can be confusing.

5.  Check your mirrors for obstructions BEFORE easing your foot off the brake pedal to gently ease your vehicle backwards.  Please note:  “Obstructions” may include other vehicles, pedestrians, shopping carts, light poles, animals (stuffed and/or real), or your spouse,  among others.

6.  Once it is clear, then you may proceed to back up SLOWLY and safely.

Pass this helpful info on to the bad drivers in your life.  You might help save the life of a person or animal (stuffed and/or real). This is the end of today’s public service announcement.  Thank you.

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