Die-uh-bee-tus testing… sounds expensive

Having babies is expensive for us.  After all the testing, complications that pop up, and then the surgery… Whew!  Now that I’ve been diagnosed with gestational diabetes, I’m looking at having to do twice a week non-stress testing,  once a week ultrasounds to measure amniotic fluid, monthly ultrasounds to check baby’s growth, 4X/day blood sugar testing, and a meeting with a nutrition specialist.  I’m so thankful we have health insurance or else we would never be able to afford having these cute kiddos!  Baby’s birthday is scheduled for September 13th.  It sounds much better if I say it’s only 11 weeks away.  But it sounds crazy to think that I’ll have more than 20 appointments for various reasons between now and then.  So if you can have a normal pregnancy, then, yeah, do that.  Cause high-risk, complicated pregnancies are kinda not much fun sometimes.

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