Day #9 Shred… Didn’t go so well.

Over the past few days of working out, my calves have been a little tight.  I’ve been trying to stretch them out really well before and after the workout.  I didn’t do that much today because I was in a rush to get the workout done before it was time to get the kids to bed.  Well, that was obviously a mistake.  Midway into circuit 2, during the jump roping,  I felt a sharp pain in the lower part of my calf, just above my Achilles tendon in my right leg.  I couldn’t put weight on that leg for a little bit.  I can put some weight on it now, but it hurts if my foot flexes past a half pointed position.  It is painful to flex my toes toward my shin.  I may have to wear heels instead of flats for the next few days if it keeps up.  Anyways, it hurts.  I’m icing it right now and took some Motrin plus trying to elevate it.  I’ll see how it’s going tomorrow.  I may have to modify my workouts if the pain continues.  Grrr.  Too much too soon?  Maybe.  Too little stretching/warm up?  Probably.  Am I going to call it quits if this ends up being a major setback?  NO!!!  I will modify my workouts and pay more attention to taking better care by stretching, warming up and cooling down.  I need to remember that my goal is lifestyle change and not a quick fix since quick fixes tend to not be permanent.  After I hurt myself, I tried to finish up the workout since Nathan was doing it too… I didn’t want to just call it quits.  I didn’t want Jillian Michael’s to pop out of the TV and call me a quitter! I finished cardio by doing one leg jumping jacks and jump roping and just did the upper body strength and ab work.  It wasn’t a great workout, but it was a workout.  🙂

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