Coffee Air Freshener… and beyond!

We have trouble finding a car air freshener that our family all agrees on.  The ones I like, Sean says they smell like rotten marshmallows.  And Nathan tends to think all of them smell somewhat chemical-y.  So we figured out a solution to use coffee grounds in a fabric sack of some kind (one online post said old socks work well… clean ones, that is).  Then I got a free sample of some Starbucks Vanilla coffee grounds in the mail.  SWEET!  We don’t have a coffee maker anymore since we just use instant mix, so what better way to use that coffee?  I put it into a fabric bag and just stuck in the the car on the floor next to the driver’s seat.  It smells SO. GOOD.  Fur realz!  Everytime I get in there, I say”mmmm!”.  So if you like the java, give this a try.  You won’t be sorry.  I read online that whole beans might work better though.  So we’ll try that next time.

Mia is addicted to watching the Toy Story movies.  Her favorite is Buzz Lightyear.  She’s started saying, ” and beyond!”. Pretty cute, that little girl is.

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