Clearance Halloween Candy

I bought some bags of chocolate at Walgreens the other day for $0.49 each. They have little “halloween” jokes on them. Here’s the best one I found:

Q: What do spiders do on rainy days?

A: Surf the web!

Yes, that actually made me laugh out loud. 🙂 Here’s another one:

Q: What do you call pumpkin sports stars?

A: Jock-o-lanterns!

Thank you and goodnight!

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Hello there cousin, this is Dan, your Auntie Marda’s son. Thanks for the email. Do send our congratulations to Kevin and his family.

P.S. I love Boggle and Scrabble too. In fact I was a word factory/boggle champ when I was in elementary school. lol. We should play Literati (Yahoo Games’ version of scrabble ) online sometimes.

And send my regards to Nate and Sean too! 🙂

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