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Funny Zoo “Fact”

Sean, Mia and I went to the zoo yesterday. While standing at the flamingo pond, I overheard a mom tell her young children and her husband, “They sleep with their heads under water, you know.” She said this with all seriousness, not jokingly. Her husband gave her a funny look. Then she corrected herself by saying, “I mean they sleep with their heads in the sand.” Yeah, that’s better. In case you didn’t know, ostriches don’t hide their heads in the sand either.

The Aldabra Giant Tortoises were out and “active”, meaning they moved a few inches while they were eating. i find these to be very cute. I heard a mom tell her little children, “Look how big those are! Imagine getting attacked and eaten by one of those!”. Yep, when I see those, “fierce” is what immediately comes to mind. Never mind the fact that they are mostly herbivores. Maybe there have been cases of giant tortoise attacks on humans who were wearing Carmen Miranda hats.

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Update on Callie, Zoo trip

Callie is doing somewhat better today. She is finally eating again. We went to the Vet’s to see her today. She is still on IV fluids, but she looked good and she started purring a bit. They said that the plan is to send her back home as soon as she’s eating well. So we’ll see when that will be.

We took Sean to the zoo twice today… let me clarify. The first time, we went to the zoo, couldn’t find parking because it was insanely crowded, so we left to go to the Aquarium instead. While on the way to the Aquarium, Nathan noticed that he didn’t have his wallet-o and we need to show our ID to get in with our yearly pass. So we went back home, ate some lunch and decided to try the zoo again since it was within a couple hours of closing time. We figured that enough people would start leaving and we could find a parking spot this time. So we drove to the Zoo again… found a spot and enjoyed the rest of the afternoon with Sean. He’s such a big boy now that we didn’t even take his stroller.

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Feeding ducks and sneaky Peacocks

Sean and I went to the zoo a couple times this week to feed the birds. The first day we went, there were TONS of those fine feathered friends! They had us surrounded and some were trying to make Sean drop his bread on the ground by pecking at it and scaring him. There were also some sneaky peacocks that were pecking at the ducks if they got too close and they kept stealing the bread from the ducks. They were also trying to intimidate poor little Sean by pecking at his bread. One time, Sean got scared, so he threw a big chunk of bread on the ground and started hollering for me to carry him. The ducks ran forward to get it, but the peacocks pecked the ducks til they backed off. It was pretty crazy. The second day that we went, Nathan also got to go, and the ducks were a little more tame and the peacocks were “no-shows”.


Family Zoo Trip

Nathan and I took Sean to the Zoo the other day. It was a good day to go. We saw the polar bears in their pool, the elephants being fed and playing in their pond, the tortoises moving about (I hadn’t seen them in a few years!), the hippos made a sound, and we got to see Homer the african porcupine up close. WAY COOL!

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Albuquerque Aquarium and Botanical Gardens

I took Nathan to his non-dentist appointment yesterday (he thought he had an appointment, but forgot he rescheduled it for another day). Then Sean and I went to the Aquarium and Botanical (botanic?) Gardens as soon as they opened. We had great fun. It was awesome to get to roam around the gardens before many other people were there. It was quiet, the butterflies were flouncing (flying in a bouncing sort of fashion) around, and we got to visit with some horses at the heritage farm in another part of the gardens. One of the horses let me pet it for a long time. Sean wanted to pet him, but kept chickening out just before he actually touched him. Anyway, it was a beautiful morning and we enjoyed smelling flowers and walking around. Then we went to the aquarium part and watched the stingrays and the sharks and sea turtle swimming by. That was fun too, except there were rowdy kids in the aquarium. I think next time, we’ll try going into the aquarium first to see it while it’s nice and quiet. We bought a yearly membership to the zoo, aquarium, and gardens this year, so we get to go as much as we want to… I’d like to go at least every couple weeks if we have time.