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New CD, new workout

I got my new Michael Buble Cd today. It’s his first release. I’ve been totally addicted to the first one I got a little while back. I’ve listened to it over and over and over again… thankfully, it’s on the mp3 player, so I haven’t worn out the Cd. If you don’t know who Michael Buble is, the best way that I can describe his music is that his style is similar to Sinatra, but with some modern-ness to it. Anyways, his voice is really easy to listen to… at least to me and he does some pretty good cover songs. I do think he drives Nathan insane, though. When he hears one of his songs, he probably loses a hair from the top of his head and has it grow in his ear to try to muffle the sound.

I also got a new workout DVD. It’s from the series put out by Prevention Magazine. I’ll post about it on my weightloss page and workout dvd review page. I sat and watched it all the way through, and eventually got motivated to move since it looked pretty fun.