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Automated Call Back Service

I just tried to call Southwest Airlines for some information, but all the customer service reps were busy. They now give you an option to enter your phone number and receive a call back when it’s your turn in the queue. They say you don’t lose “your place” in the order of calls, and you don’t have to wait on the phone. They tell you approximately how many minutes it will take until you receive a call back. My range was between 13 and 21 minutes. Now… we’ll see if they call back.

UPDATE: They called back 15 minutes later. Nice.

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iPod mini, Leaving for Kansas

We traded some speakers of ours for an iPod mini (4 gig) yesterday. I’ve been spending most of the day trying to get all my music organized and transferred… ugh. I’ll be glad when it’s all done. So far, it seems easy to use, but I need to figure out how to bookmark songs and I’ll also have to try out creating a playlist.

We’re leaving for a week of vacation and going to Lawrence, KS… home of the Jayhawks and my relatives, whom I refer to as the Kansasians. But wait… are filipinos considered Asian or Pacific Islanders??? I guess it depends who you ask. For myself, I suppose I’d choose “Asian”. The Philippines, afterall, is a country in Asia. But I have a cousin that says we should be “Pacific Islanders”.

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An Apple (iPhone) a day…

Nathan and I went into the Apple store tonight and played with some iPhones. We took each other’s picture and were able to email them to each other. Yes… we are dorks. The phones are rather fancy. web browsing was neat, but we didn’t figure out how to zoom in on web pages. Nathan mentioned some other cool features. I can see why people would be willing to pay many monies for one… they are pretty neat.

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Envy never looked so cute

How cute is this? No, it’s not a Sledgehammer. 🙂

This the ENV (prounounced “envy”), a hydrogen powered motorcycle. It’s only exhaust output is pure water… how cool is that? Oh to live in a place that had no winter, riding along on your eco-friendly motorcycle, feeling the wind in your hair. Lucky!

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Yahoo Time Capsule

Yahoo! is projecting images it has gathered for its time capsule on the red rocks of Jemez Pueblo just north of Albuquerque. Here is the article. Here are some pictures. You can watch a LIVE webcast tonight and tomorrow night here from about 7pm to 11:30 pm, but if you go see it live, it will go on until about 1 am. We thought about going to see it live, but decided it’s too cold, so we’ll watch it tonight through the webcast, and eat some nice hot chicken curry. 🙂


Stereolab? No, StereoLESS

I had to take our car in to Best Buy this morning to have the stereo removed so we could send it back to Sony, and have it replaced, just because the little AUX plug went out. See here and here for more info. Now there is strange silence in the car and I must ask Sean to sing to me while I drive. Today, he was more than happy to oblige with his rendition of “Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star”.


PDA Amnesia

I was looking for something on my PDA last night, so I got it off the docking staion. When i turned it on, it wanted me to set it up as if I had just bought it. All the programs we installed on it were gone, as well as any information like contacts and email. I put it back on the docking staion hoping that my computer would give it back all of its “memories”, but no luck. My computer wanted me to go thru all the set up all over again too. Alas, I’m having to reinstall all the numerous programs we had on it… all the games, bible programs… everything! What a pain! Grrr, I say to the PDA! Nathan thinks that maybe it got shocked when it was put on the docking staion or something. Thankfully, I have all the contacts on my desktop, so that’s fully restored. And Nathan wonders why I still use paper for somethings. 🙂

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Google Conversions

I was reading a recipe from someone in the UK and it called for the oven temp to be 220 Celcius. I googled “220 Celsius to fahrenheit” and it gave the coversion (220 C = 428 F, by the way). Handy tool, that is. I think I’ve used Google before to convert kilograms and pounds as well.

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ear buds

In the search for decent earbuds, we thought we had found the best ones. The Sony Fontopia in ear headphones with interchangeable rubber cushions have been the most comfortable so far. But those run around $40. This weekend, i found a cheaper alternative at Linens and Things (of all places) for only $20. They come with 3 different sizes of rubber cushions, so you can “customize” the fit a little better. The Fontopias come with only 2 sizes, but add a longer cord. I wore the new ones on my walk this morning and they work great. They block out sound since they fit into your ear, and I didn’t notice any sound problems. Wahoo! They’re made by Griffin Technology. Patents pending. Made in China. Oh, and they’re called “ear thumps” instead of ear buds… maybe that’s how they were able to copy Sony’s design. “No, no, they’re completely different than Sony’s ear buds… these are ear thumps! The only ear thumps on the market!”
UPDATE: I found on that the Sony Fontopias have been marked down to $25 from $40. So there ya go. Now the big name brand will only cost you $5 more, plus shipping, of course.