Virgin Mobile Done Good

Most people complain about their cell phone providers.  We switched to a pre-paid Virgin Mobile plan last year so that we didn’t have to worry about being locked into a stinky contract.  Plus, we were getting a TERRIBLE signal from our old provider (Starts with a “V”, ends in “erizon”) after we moved to the other side of town.  I mean we had to talk upstairs in Sean’s bedroom, by the window, in tree pose, facing slightly northwest just to get 2 bars.  And if you felt the need to breathe during the call, it was dropped.  Yeah, that bad.     Well, anyways, we switched over to Virgin Mobile.  It’s ending up cheaper, and we got better phones.  So after 10.5 months, the ear speaker on my phone stopped working for some reason.  Since it fell under the 12 month warranty period, VM said they would replace my phone.  The customer service rep said it should take 3-5 business days, maybe plus 1 day because of the holiday, to receive my new phone.  Well, they ended up sending it overnight!  Yay!  So I now have a working phone, and don’t have to talk on speakerphone all the time.  Thanks, Virgin Mobile for the great customer service.  That’s pretty hard to come by from big companies these days.

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An Apple (iPhone) a day…

Nathan and I went into the Apple store tonight and played with some iPhones. We took each other’s picture and were able to email them to each other. Yes… we are dorks. The phones are rather fancy. web browsing was neat, but we didn’t figure out how to zoom in on web pages. Nathan mentioned some other cool features. I can see why people would be willing to pay many monies for one… they are pretty neat.

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Walking the TV home

Did you see that weird guy walking down the street from Costco with a big HDTV on a flatbed cart? It was strange… he was just walking down along the sidewalk, down the road from Costco with the big thing on the cart. Well, I saw him. Oh yeah, I also married him. 🙂 We bought a new tv yesterday and it wouldn’t fit in the car, so since we live less than a mile from Costco, Nathan asked to borrow the cart and walked it all the way home. It was a sight to see… I regret not getting a picture of it. Nathan was so excited to get the new tv that he couldn’t sleep last night, so he went ahead and left for work 2 hours early. I think it’s cute when he gets excited about gadgets… it appeals to my geeky side, I suppose. Anyways, thankfully, the TV seems to work fine, so we don’t have to return it… that would be a huge pain the walk it back to Costco!

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I *heart* Craigslist!

Heard of Craigslist? If not, check it out! It’s one of the best places to find deals locally on things people near you are selling. Today I picked up a 5 qt.KitchenAid Heavy Duty Stand Mixer for $25! Those retail for over $230 new! This one is a few years old, but in fabulous working order! I’ll need to order replacement parts for it, but the ones I need only cost about $30 total. Sweet! I can hardly tell you how excited I was to see the ad in Craigslist! My palms were starting to sweat when I was replying to the ad cause I was so excited and was really hoping to be the one to get to purchase it. Yay! This means fresh honey wheat bread! Booyah!