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I’m almost 19 weeks along in the pregnancy.  Approaching that halfway point.  I’m starting to feel little flutters in there every now and then.  I had leftover spaghetti for breakfast the other day (I love dinner leftovers for breakfast) and that really seemed to make the baby active afterwards.  I went in for a fasting glucose test (as an early screen for gestational diabetes) on Tuesday.  I’m still waiting on the results from that.  My doc said that as long as it is below 92, then I don’t have to be screened again until maybe 28 weeks (?).  Anyways, hopefully that will be okay.

We’ve been sleeping with our windows open at night.  There’s a crazy bird that has been waking me up around 6 am the past few mornings.  It sounds like a combination between an angry chirp and a sad kitty.  Nathan sleeps right through all the ruckus, of course.  Well this morning, the wacky bird call came in between some wacky dreams…

Dream #1:

I was parked at McD’s, getting ready to leave in our new (to us) mini-van and I put the van into Reverse but still had my foot on the brake.  Even with my foot on the brake, and being in “reverse”, the van launched forward into the building.  An employee (I think a manager) called her son who is a lawyer.  The 2 of them made me sit down with them for a chat before the police arrived.  The son asked me how I felt about all the wars going on in the world and if what I did was an act of terrorism.  I kept trying to explain to them that I had the van in reverse, but they were convinced that I was some sort of terrorist.

***  enter wacky bird calls to wake me up  ***  then I fell back to sleep…

Dream #2:

Gwenyth Paltrow was telling me that Nathan and I need to raise our children in London because that is what would be best for them.

***enter crying 2 year old***

Weird dreams. 🙂

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Pregnancy Dreams

When I was pregnant with Sean, I had the most outrageous, funny and entertaining dreams. They were often pretty bizarre and very amusing. This time around, I’ve started having nightmares. Nothing baby related, thankfully, but nightmares, nonetheless. In one dream, we were planning to go camping, but that morning I had a few contractions. We started timing the contractions and they seemed to have gone away. So we went ahead and went camping. Nathan was fishing in a stream near the campsite and Sean was playing with the rocks and sticks in the grass nearby when he started screaming about a big black spider. I ran over to Sean and saw a huge black widow spider. I tried to stomp on it and it jumped out of the way, and suddenly it turned into 2 spiders. I tried to step on them again and then there were 3… you get the picture. And just so you know, I don’t like spiders much.

Another dream involved lots of snakes and one that bit my kitty cat. Another dream involved a mass murdering samurai dude who I was hiding from and trying to escape from. Everywhere I hid, I found another one of his victims. Last night Nathan and I seemed to be stuck in a Jurassic Park type dream where we couldn’t get away from the T-rex. I was so scared, but Nathan kept telling me not to move so the T-rex wouldn’t see me. I was shivering in fear so bad, I was sure I was going to be seen and get eaten. The T-rex finally went away and we were running to a safe area and all these little dinosaurs were following us and nipping at our heels. I was beating them with my purse. Then I woke up.

I don’t so much like these dreams. I want my funny dreams back.


It’s a girl!

We had a baby girl… in my dream last night. I was an unfit mother in my dream and I realized that I hadn’t nursed my baby in weeks because I was just giving her YooHoo to drink. 🙂

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Sean’s dreams

The other night, Sean woke up twice crying. The first time, I asked him what was wrong. He just kept saying “The horse is on me!” and crying. Then later, the same thing happened and he said “the crab was getting me”. We went to visit Nathan’s grandparents this past weekend, and they have horses. And the day before his dreams, we had eaten crabs for dinner.

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Bug Dream

Anyone seen King Kong (the newer version)? Anyways, there’s a part in there with really big bugs in it. We watched it the other night. Last night I had a dream that there were really large bug creatures that had wings like butterflies, but they bit you like a mosquito. A few landed on my arm and so I swatted them and they stuck to my arm. After I washed them off, there was still a butterfly-like tatoo left on my arms that was really pretty.