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Settling Down, Baby Weight Loss, Anniversary Gifts

Things are starting to settle down after getting home from the hospital on 9/16.  Almost 2 weeks after the birth of Kai, I’m starting to feel more like myself again and not have too much pain from the surgery.  I’m weaning myself off the pain meds, and actually I was able to go most of the day without a problem.  Nathan goes back to work on Monday.  I’m a little nervous to be all by myself with the kids! Nathan has been so wonderful taking care of both me and the kiddos while he’s been home.  I wuv him soo much!

We’ve gone to the hospital lactation clinic a couple times this weeks due to Kai’s weight issues during that first week.  As of today, he is only 1.5 ounces shy of his birth weight and is gaining very well.  I no longer need to supplement him with formula either, so I’m pretty happy about that.  The first week he was born, the docs were concerned that he lost almost 10% of his birth weight.   They even had us stay 2 extra nights because of it.  10% is the cut off of where they suspect there may be an “issue”, so when we left the hospital, I was instructed to nurse him and supplement with formula as needed.  Our latest appointment was today and he has gained more weight this week than they had anticipated, and he is nursing just fine.  After doing some research and talking to the lactation consultant, I learned that when a mom receives lots of IV fluids before a c-section, this can also raise the amount of fluids the baby gets as well.  So after birth, the baby no longer needs all the extra fluid and promptly pees it out. Hence a rapid loss of weight.  So it can appear that the baby is getting dehydrated and not getting enough to eat (based solely on weight), when in fact the baby is just fine and had just gotten rid of water weight.  I think this is what happened with Kai.  When we went in for the surgery, they put an IV in first thing, but we ended having to wait almost 6 hours before the surgery due to 2 emergency c-sections popping up unexpectedly.  During that time, they had been pumping me full of fluids.  So there you have it.

In other news, My hubby and I will be celebrating our 10th wedding anniversary next week on the 29th! It’s been a wonderful 10 years.  The traditional 10 year anniversary gifts are tin and aluminum, so perhaps we will be exchanging these as gifts.  Actually, we said we won’t exchange gifts because, really, how can you top a new baby as a gift??  🙂  Or maybe we’ll make tin foil hats for the whole family.

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34 weeks pregnant… just keep swimming!

Well, I’m 34 weeks pregnant, and definitely feeling like it, too.  I’m moving as slow as a turtle through mud and waddling like a duck!  People are starting to ask me how much longer I have and saying that I look like I’m “ready” and how low the baby looks like he is.  It’s not quite time for this little one to come out yet, so I hope he just keeps swimming for a little while longer.  They’ve scheduled my (3rd) c-section for 9/12.  After 2 failed labor attempts lasting around 2 days each, I decided I’d skip that part and get to the point.  My doc assures me that the recovery from this surgery will be much easier than a recovery after a difficult labor.  I’m praying she’s right.

I’m starting to get some final things ready… finishing cleaning out the closet in the baby’s room and starting to put things away.  My mom bought some newborn diapers for when we get home from the hospital… they are SO TINY!!!!  I’m hoping to use cloth diapers again for this one, but I need to buy some smaller sized covers and flat diapers because the ones I used for Mia are for over 20 pounds or so.  Using cloth really saves some money, and keeps all those diapers out of the landfill = win/win! We’ll probably need to pay about $130 for diapers that will fit for the whole first year or so of this babies life… sounds like a good deal to me, even if it means a few extra loads of laundry each week.

I still don’t have my bag packed.  If I remember, I totally overpacked  the last couple times I went to the hospital.  I was thinking that I’d want to get out of those hospital gowns and into my own clothing, but with the pain from the surgery, I was more comfortable in the oh-so-attractive hospital gowns.  I just wish they had them in different colors, aside from white and pink they use in the maternity ward.  Neither of those really flatters my skin tone.  🙂 Ha!  Maybe something like one of these


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past 18 weeks, funny prego dreams

I’m almost 19 weeks along in the pregnancy.  Approaching that halfway point.  I’m starting to feel little flutters in there every now and then.  I had leftover spaghetti for breakfast the other day (I love dinner leftovers for breakfast) and that really seemed to make the baby active afterwards.  I went in for a fasting glucose test (as an early screen for gestational diabetes) on Tuesday.  I’m still waiting on the results from that.  My doc said that as long as it is below 92, then I don’t have to be screened again until maybe 28 weeks (?).  Anyways, hopefully that will be okay.

We’ve been sleeping with our windows open at night.  There’s a crazy bird that has been waking me up around 6 am the past few mornings.  It sounds like a combination between an angry chirp and a sad kitty.  Nathan sleeps right through all the ruckus, of course.  Well this morning, the wacky bird call came in between some wacky dreams…

Dream #1:

I was parked at McD’s, getting ready to leave in our new (to us) mini-van and I put the van into Reverse but still had my foot on the brake.  Even with my foot on the brake, and being in “reverse”, the van launched forward into the building.  An employee (I think a manager) called her son who is a lawyer.  The 2 of them made me sit down with them for a chat before the police arrived.  The son asked me how I felt about all the wars going on in the world and if what I did was an act of terrorism.  I kept trying to explain to them that I had the van in reverse, but they were convinced that I was some sort of terrorist.

***  enter wacky bird calls to wake me up  ***  then I fell back to sleep…

Dream #2:

Gwenyth Paltrow was telling me that Nathan and I need to raise our children in London because that is what would be best for them.

***enter crying 2 year old***

Weird dreams. 🙂

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Baby’s Here!

The induction didn’t go so well and I ended up having a c-section on Friday morning, January 30, 2009. Mia Iliana Alter was born at 5:28 am weighing 7 lbs., 7 oz. and measuring 20.25 inches long. She was so quiet the first day of her life… we thought we had birthed a child that was a total opposite to Sean. But she showed her real colors later that night ;-). We have another impatient little eater on our hands! When she decides she’s hungry, she sure lets you know… loudly! haha! She’s so precious! Sean is being a wonderful brother to her already. He’s helping us out so much and he thinks Mia is pretty cute. His first reaction to seeing her was “awww, she’s so cute, isn’t she!?”. The novelty soon wore off once he realized that we got the Cartoon Network in my hospital room. LOL! As expected, Mia has day and night flipped around. She was always kicking me and waking me up or keeping me up at night and was pretty quiet in my belly during the day. That’s how she is now that she’s here too. She wants to eat every 1 to 2 hours at night, and rests easier during the day. I’m sure we’ll get the schedule worked out soon enough. We’re just glad to be home. The recovery from the c-section was rough at first, but it’s getting better continually. I’m already feeling much better and am very thankful for the prescription pain killers. My husband has been AMAZING through all of this. He has been taking wonderful care of both me and Mia when we were at the hospital and since we got home too. I don’t know how I would have gotten through all this without him. God really blessed me with a wonderful husband. You can see pictures of Mia HERE