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Funny Zoo “Fact”

Sean, Mia and I went to the zoo yesterday. While standing at the flamingo pond, I overheard a mom tell her young children and her husband, “They sleep with their heads under water, you know.” She said this with all seriousness, not jokingly. Her husband gave her a funny look. Then she corrected herself by saying, “I mean they sleep with their heads in the sand.” Yeah, that’s better. In case you didn’t know, ostriches don’t hide their heads in the sand either.

The Aldabra Giant Tortoises were out and “active”, meaning they moved a few inches while they were eating. i find these to be very cute. I heard a mom tell her little children, “Look how big those are! Imagine getting attacked and eaten by one of those!”. Yep, when I see those, “fierce” is what immediately comes to mind. Never mind the fact that they are mostly herbivores. Maybe there have been cases of giant tortoise attacks on humans who were wearing Carmen Miranda hats.

Albuquerque freecycle/craigslist funny

Us can prep your childrens for kindergarten! Only $200!

I saw an ad today on Craigslist that advertised for a summer day camp to help prepare your child for kindergarten. I plan on homeschooling my children, but I looked at the ad to see what types of activities were planned as part of the program. I really got a kick out of the ad. Part of the ad stated:

” This will be a month long program with TWO CRETIFIED Rio Rancho Kindergarten teachers. “

I am not responsible for the capitalization… it was like that in the ad. Here’s more of the ad: (The parts within the <> are my doing.)

“Would you like to make sure they <are> ready for August?

If so than <then> this Kindergarten Camp is for your child.

Hurry and sign your child up today, there is <are> ONLY 8 spots available!
$200.00 for the month!”

Now, I know that you may think, “oh, those are just typos”. Yet, if you were advertising for an EDUCATIONAL program, and wanted to highlight the fact that you are CERTIFIED to teach, then wouldn’t it make sense to proof read and spell-check your ad?

Albuquerque funny

No Soliciting… “No what?”

I was leaving Target the other night and a couple teenage boys came up to me and started their story, while trying to hand me a couple candy canes wrapped in ribbon.

“Excuse me, my grandma is in the hospital and I’d like to give her a Christmas present. Would you like to buy some candy?”

I kept saying no, and he kept asking. Me: “No thanks.” — Him: “She’s in the hospital…” —Me: “No.” — Him: “buy candy?”— Me: “No.” He finally stopped because the security guard came up on the Target security segway (I know, pretty sweet!). The guard said “There’s no soliciting allowed in the parking lot”. The kid said, “no what?”— guard: “no soliciting in the parking lot”. — kid: “no what?” — guard: “no…you can’t try to sell things in the parking lot.” — kid: “oh.”

It made me realize that there may be a large percentage of the population that do not know what “soliciting” means. We have a “No Soliciting” sign on our door and people still come to the door and ring and try to sell us things or give us free samples, or whatever. Either those people don’t know or they just don’t care. Either way, it’s annoying. Nathan and I have tried to come up with ways to get the point across when they ring the doorbell and we accidentally answer it. One thing is to just stay silent and as they continue through their scripted pitch, point at the sign. Maybe even shine it and pretend I’m straightening it. Then wave and close the door. Another thing is to do something completely off the wall, like open the door and when they start the sales pitch, hold up a finger as if to say “hold on” and then go get a handfull of dried beans. Go back to the door and hand them the beans, and when they start to talk again, say “shhh, they’re listening.” then close the door really slow like you’re looking out for something.

I also found that there’s a better sign available that can clear up any sort of confusion over what a solicitor is. Maybe we’ll try that out.

Albuquerque food

Try Something New

We’ve gotten to eat out at 2 places int he past week that we’ve never been to before. Both score very high on the Yumiliciousness scale.

Athens Ecclectic Greek Restaurant in the Far North shopping center of ABQ (San Mateo and Academy Blvd.) is this cool restaurant with beautiful blue paint all over the walls and beads over the windows. While I liked the decor of the place, I liked the Gyros even more. Best Gyros I’ve had since my beloved Koury’s deli closed down. *sniff, sniff… I still miss you, Koury’s!* Nathan had tha Falafel Gyros. While I’m not usually a fan of the falafel, I really liked theirs. The falafels were so yummy and moist on the inside. Previously, falafels I’ve had reminded me too much of the hush puppies you get at Captain D’s… ick! But the Falafels at Athens were moist and flavorful and sooo yummy. They also brought out a complimentarty dish of pita and hummus. Very tasty… Sean hogged most of the pita and hummus. So go eat there… Nathan and I are hoping the restaurant doesn’t die. We were the only ones there for lunch last Saturday. Hopefully it was just because people ware still recovering from their turkey hangovers.

Last night, we ate at Independence Grill. We got the table right by the Constitution. Nathan and I were trying to see if we could remember the preamble to the Constitution and Sean was coloring the American flag while we were waiting for our food. They have very patriotic and historical type theme/decor, in case you’re wondering. Go there for the burgers. Pretty yummy and right now there’s a coupon for “buy one burger, get one free” and more information available here . I had the “Bacon Avocado Jack Burger”… yep, pretty much tastes as good as it sounds. Also, try out the Pineapple coleslaw… it’s coleslaw with pineapples in it. It’s a little sweeter and tangier than regular coleslaw. Yum! They supposedly use American Kobe Beef in their burgers. Now I don’t know my different types of beed very well, but I know that the food was tasty. Go eat here for dinner after you have lunch at Athens… keep this place open. They have a less than ideal location on Montgomery right behind a laundromat… if you blink, you’ll miss it. I’d like to go back some time and try some prime rib or something else really meaty like that. I like meat.

Albuquerque funny pregnancy

Pregnancy invisibility super power

I think it was when I was pregnant with Sean, I was at a local asian grocery store. I believe I was standing near the check out counter, waiting while my mom was paying. There was a little old Asian lady pushing a cart near me and i thought she would walk right past me, since there was plenty of room. Well, she bumped her cart into me instead… repeatedly… saying nothing to me, just bumping me, not hurting me, just gently bumping me…repeatedly. I kept looking at her because I wasn’t sure what she was doing. I thought maybe she’d apologize and walk around me. But no… just bumped…repeatedly. So I stepped away from the cash register and moved out of the way. She walked on like nothing had happened. That was bizarre.

Yesterday, I ventured to walmart. I already don’t like going there because of the long lines and crowdedness of the place. While I was in line and waiting to swipe my card and pay and get my receipt, the elderly woman behind me kept bumping (almost pushing) into me (with her body, not her cart)… repeatedly. The cashier hadn’t started ringing up her items yet… she was still finishing my transaction. Bump. Bump. Bump… repeatedly. I’m waiting for my card to process now. Bump. Bump. Bump… The cashier is staring at the lady behind me… Bump. Bump. Bump. I looked down at the tiny lady behind me and she says, “Oh, I keep bumping into you!”… and then it continues… bump. bump. bump. Waiting for my receipt to print up. bump. Bump. Bump. I get my receipt and tell the cashier to have a nice day. One last bump before I walk away. Now you might wonder if she had some sort of medical condition that made her unable to keep herself stable as she was standing. She was perfectly fine and not invading my bubble while we were farther back in line, so I don’t think that’s it.

Maybe I develop some sort of invisibility super power when I’m pregnant that only manifests itself when I’m standing adjacent to cash register. Is that possible? Maybe I become magnetic when I’m pregnant, hence the shopping cart being drawn to me and perhaps the other lady had a metal hip or something. I don’t know. It will forever remain a mystery to me.

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Make sure before you wave like a maniac!

Sean and I were at the library the other day and apparently, some guy thought he recognized me. I was still in the car talking on my cell phone, and he walked to the front of the car and started waving and making googley faces at me like he knew me really well. It was very strange. I got kinda scared to get out of the car since there was no one else passing by at the moment, so I kept talking on the cell phone and took off my sunglasses so he would see that I’m not who he thought I was. He finally did and he walked away like it never happened. Very odd… so anyways, before you start waving at someone like a maniac and making googley eyes at them, make sure you know them first.

Albuquerque movies music

Broadway On Ice

We got comp tickets to “Broadway on Ice” last Friday from Nathan’s work. The seats were not great, but it was still entertaining for me and Nathan. Sean was ready to go home once he realized he was not skating, but that we were going to watch other people skate. “Let’s go home now” came out of his mouth more than once while we were there. Nancy Kerrigan stepped in to fill in for Dorothy Hamill. We were wondering if Kerrigan might be expecting. And if she is, i really hand it to her to be so athletic and active while expecting. The Phantom dude was there singing (Frank D’Ambrosio) various Broadway showtunes. I have to say, I enjoyed Gerard Butler’s voice as the Phantom in the 2004 movie version much better. Yes, I know he has no formal vocal training, but I thought his voice matched the character better.

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Sick Laddy

Our Lad is sick at the moment. He’s come down with a super coughing consumption virus. He sometimes has these coughing fits and then starts to panic and can’t catch his breath. He actually woke up this morning and had a big cough and his lips actually turned a little blue. Not good. I called the nurse line and the nurse said that if he has another one of those blue lipped episodes, we should take him to see the doc, but so far he hasn’t had another.

Did you know that New Mexico has a 24/7 nurse line that you can call for medical advice even if you don’t have health insurance? 1-877-725-2552 That number is handy for us folks that have wee ones that get sick every winter and we’re not sure if a cold is serious enough to warrant a visit to the doctor. yeah, free medical advice = good.

Albuquerque video

Missed Balloon Fiesta??

For any who missed balloon fiesta this year or want to relive it again, here is a cool time lapse video of the 2007 Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta.

Albuquerque gardens

Japanese Garden at the Botanic Gardens

We went to the Botanic Gardens today and got to check out the new Sasebo Japanese Gardens. It’s really pretty, even in the fall. I can’t wait to see what it looks like next Spring and later when the plants are all established and bigger. There’s a really cool BIG waterfall that you can walk under, but you’d probably get wet. I posted some pictures here.