Cast Away, My Brown Eyed Girl

Sean got his cast off on Monday, and DOESN’T NEED SURGERY!  Ecstatic… yes, I am.  It’s nice to not have to wrap his arm in a trash bag for every shower.  Yay for answered prayers and Yay for how quickly children heal!  He still needs to be careful and not do anything “risky”, then around 4th of July (2 full months after his procedure), he can resume activities that could cause bone breakage.  Can I just wrap him in bubble wrap at that point?

Brown-eyed girl had an eye appointment this morning.  Things are looking good after her flare a few weeks ago.  We are decreasing her steroid eye drops again to 3x/day for 2 weeks, then going to 2x/day for another 2 weeks, then we have a follow-up in a month.  We are continuing her dilating drop and her 2 different eye pressure drops as well.  Her eye pressures look stable.  Her eye doc had her last day earlier this month, so we are sad to see her leave.  We are seeing another great Pediatric Eye Doc at the same practice, so it’s nice we don’t have to search for another doc.

Brown-Eyed Girl (BEG) started on Humira earlier this month.  We have done 2 shots so far.  The first one wasn’t horrible, but it wasn’t pleasant.  Although I’m not afraid of needles, she most definitely is.    She cried before we even started.  I got it done quickly.  Her Daddy held her leg still and hugged her.  I almost started crying too… that was unexpected.  I hated that I had to cause her so much pain.  I left the room to compose myself with the excuse that I was getting her a tissue.  I didn’t think me losing it in front of her would help the situation.  Apparently, the shot stings pretty horribly.  We did finally get a laugh when I told her that I wished that I could get the shot for her and then a tube could bring it from my body to her body easily and without any pain.  We giggled over the image of the 2 of us being connected by a tube, and the fact that we wouldn’t have any privacy when we needed the bathroom.  🙂  The second shot went worse than the first.  My BEG was trying to push my hand away and yelling “No” at me.  For anyone that knows her, you know she is a pretty easy going kid and is always very compliant when we need to give her meds.  Her Daddy had to hold her leg and her arms and I had to get it done quickly again.  Humira totally stinks in terms of how painful it is, but Lord willing, this will help keep her eye quiet, long term.  BEG was upset with me after the 2nd shot.  She wasn’t wanting me to really hold her.  But at bed time, she told me to read her dry-erase board in her room.  It said, “I love Mommy so much!”.  She said she wasn’t upset with me anymore and that she knows why we need to give her the medicine.  Ugh… my sweet girl endures a lot.  We don’t need a shot this week, so that’s good.  We’ll see how the next one goes next week.  We told her that we can start doing something fun afterwards when she doesn’t put up a fight.  She needs more fun… I think we all do.

The appointments this week have been good!  So thanks for all the prayers on behalf of our kiddos!!!  We’ve had a good week of answered prayer.  Praise God for that!  <3

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