Car “repair”

I took our car in to the dealer to have the windshield sprayers repaired this morning. Had to get up before 7:30 am… not much fun. I pulled up, and someone came out to the car to verify the problem.

Kia guy: “What’s going on with the car?”

me: “The windshield sprayers aren’t spraying.”

Kia guy: “so they’re not spraying at all?”

me: “right. we press the button and only the windshield wipers move, but no spray.”

Kia guy: (opens door and puts in keys to try it out) “You mean this button?” (presses button and wipers move, but no spray) “That’s just a mister. You use it if you have a mist on your windshield. To spray the windshield, pull the lever back.” (he pulls lever back and sprays and cleans our windshield)

me: “oooooh. That would explain it. Guess we should have read the owner’s manual!” (giggling, and embarrassed) “Thanks! I guess it’s not broken, afterall!”
Kia guy: “No problem. You’re actually like the 15th person this week who’s come in with that problem. Have a good day!”

Doht! How embarrassing! I think it’s funny that 2 college graduates couldn’t figure that one out… we’ve been thinking it’s been broken since January! HAHAHA! I really appreciated the fact that the Kia guy didn’t try to make me feel dumb. They get a thumbs up for that. Teehee… next time, I think we’ll read the manual before bringing the car in for repair.

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