Broken Fridge, Free meat!

I awoke this morning to a freezer than had melting ice, and thawed out meat. Yay. The fridge also seems to not be as cold as it should be. Yay, again. So, I put all the meat into bowls, filled them with the non-melted ice, and they’re in the fridge right now. I posted a Freecycle ad for “Raw Meat” and got so many responses! I’m glad that it won’t be wasted, at least. My mom is on her way over with some bags of ice. We’re hoping to at least save some milk for Sean, and so we can eat cereal for the next few days, and some other refrigerated items. We also have tons of (now thawed out) bread that needs to be eaten, so I have a feeling that PB sandwiches are gonna be on the menu. Yay (seriously… I love PB)! The repair places seem to all be booked up until Monday, maybe Saturday at the soonest. Sears couldn’t even get us in until the 17th!!! Ummm… that won’t do. Anyone know a good fridge repair person looking for work? The funny thing is that we were just looking at our budget and we wanted to keep enough money saved to replace a large appliance, so I was pricing refrigerators on the internet last week to see how much we needed to save.

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