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Bring on the Greens

Okay, 7 weeks pregnant and counting. I go in for a dating ultrasound in a couple days to get a more accurate due date. So far, no morning sickness (yay!). I did get a call from my doc today and she said that my 1 hour glucose tolerance test result was high, which means that my body isn’t clearing out a high sugar load very efficiently. The remedy? I have to stick to a diabetic diet (boo!). The good news is that I currently have less of a sweet tooth than pre-pregnancy and I’ve been craving salads (with some kind of meat in them) a whole lot. The problem is that I’ve lately been too tired (or lazy… whichever you prefer) to make them myself and not very creative in putting salads together. I’m often even too tired to go to the farmer’s market or grocery store to get the stuff. So… I guess I just need to git er done and buy some salad ingredients and keep them in stock. If anyone has a yummy and EASY salad recipe for me, please share!

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You can buy packs of salad there will be some that you just put together and walha you have a salad! They even have dressings.

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