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Broadway On Ice

We got comp tickets to “Broadway on Ice” last Friday from Nathan’s work. The seats were not great, but it was still entertaining for me and Nathan. Sean was ready to go home once he realized he was not skating, but that we were going to watch other people skate. “Let’s go home now” came out of his mouth more than once while we were there. Nancy Kerrigan stepped in to fill in for Dorothy Hamill. We were wondering if Kerrigan might be expecting. And if she is, i really hand it to her to be so athletic and active while expecting. The Phantom dude was there singing (Frank D’Ambrosio) various Broadway showtunes. I have to say, I enjoyed Gerard Butler’s voice as the Phantom in the 2004 movie version much better. Yes, I know he has no formal vocal training, but I thought his voice matched the character better.

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