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Back to the Routine

We had a wonderful week of vacation at the church camp meeting in the Sacramento Mountains and visiting Nathan’s Gramma in El Paso. Now it’s time to get back to our routine. I already miss Nathan now that he’s back at work. The trip was great aside from a few navigational problems. It was HOT in El Paso but great weather in the mountains. I played a lot, a lot of volleyball and listened to some great lessons. Met some great people and just had an all-around blast. I wish they had camp meetings more often! We just picked up the cat this morning from her vet’s office where she was boarded. She’s been very purr-y and I think she’s happy to be home. Sean was petting her and she started purring. Sean said “I made Callie burp, mommy!” instead of saying he made her purr. 🙂 funny boy! We also got to take Sean to the zoo in El Paso. They have a sea lion there that swims up to the glass and if you touch the glass, he tries to bite you through the glass.

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