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Back Home

We made it back home late last night. We took a taxi from the rental car place in Kansas City to the KC airport. He was a very sane driver and was very polite to us, thankfully. Our first flight was delayed, so we had to rush to catch our connecting flight. Sean, of course, had diaper difficulties as we walked down the walkway to the airplane. I get on the plane and the flight attendant tells me they don’t have a changing table on board. Great! I then notice that Sean is beginning to smell pretty bad. So I ask another flight attendant if there was somewhere I could change him. She said I could do it in the back of the plane on the floor. I walk back there with Sean. Then she says I can’t change him back there because they’re about to open the door to restock the galley, and no one is allowed back there. But I can still go the the front of the plane. So there we go, everyone is seated and staring… we start to long walk to the front of the plane. The flight attendant up there asks if I want to use the restroom in the airport. I hesitate doing that since they were already boarded, and I didn’t want to make the plane late. So I asked her if I could just do it on the floor. She said yes, so I proceeded to change Sean on the floor of the front of an airplane. Then we start the long walk back to our seats, everyone still staring. Ugh! travelling can be hard. Turned out that I wasn’t really the one holding up the flight. There were a few more passengers that boarded late after we got to our seats.

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