Baby Boy Dream

I’m 10.5 weeks pregnant, and I wonder if this is the start to the weird pregnancy dreams I often have…

It was time to have the baby via c-section.  So of course, the doc and the medical team came to our house and performed the operation on our bed.  It was quick and, more importantly, clean… they got the baby out, and bam!  I was all done, closed up and could already feel my legs again.  It was a BOY!  I was so happy to hold my baby boy.  He had a full head of thick, black hair, and a good tan already too (yeah, like that would happen in real life!  No offense, Honey!).  He was also very very fat and squishy!  In the dream I couldn’t get over how squishy and adorable he was!

So um… I’m pretty sure they don’t do home c-sections the way you can have a home birth…  hehe.  If only the surgery was as simple as in the dream and recovery was that much of a breeze too!  If only…

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