Arm Still Broken… :(

Well, we had our follow-up for Sean’s arm today.  The doc was hoping for results that would indicate that his bone stayed straight and that the healing is far along enough that he wouldn’t need to be in a cast at all anymore.  Unfortunately, this is not the news we got.  After his surgery, they got the bone straightened to about 2 degrees of angulation.  Now the bone is at a 10 degree angle, which is the absolute maximum it can be for a kid his age.  The fracture is still very visible on x-ray, so there is still a chance that the bone could shift even more.  The docs actually asked if he re-injured it again somehow because that is what it looked like.  We couldn’t think of any particular moment, but we know some kids have been a little rough with his arm while it was in a cast.  If the bone does shift, it means that he will have to undergo an open surgery where they have to cut the bone and reset it.  Please pray that doesn’t have to happen.  He is back in another cast for at least 2 more weeks (he chose yellow this time).  Next x-ray and appointment is June 20.

To all the parents of young ones that hang around Sean:  PLEASE talk to them about not doing anything rough with Sean.  He has been telling us over the past few weeks about kids jumping on his arm and whacking it with wooden swords or sticks because they think it is as tough as armor.  He has asked them to stop, but sometimes they sneak up behind him.  We’ve also had kids trying to squirt him with water guns… please let them know that if his cast gets soaked, it might not support his bone properly and we have to get it cut off and a new one re-applied.   I know the kids don’t mean to be rough, but we really need to be careful with his arm to avoid further surgery, so please just mention it to them.  Thanks!  🙂

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