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Aphids in the Foothills

We went walking in the foothills this afternoon. The yuccas were in bloom up there, but most of them were covered with many, many aphids. They were also covered with many happy ladybugs and various other bugs that like aphids. Some of the ladybugs were huge! So if anyone knows of any starving ladybugs out there, send them to the Albuquerque foothills… it’s an all you can eat buffet just for our polka-dotted friends.

We also did a bit of “bouldering” with Sean. He very much enjoyed climbing the rocks with his Daddy. We found a couple little caves where we could rest in the shade. We saw a guy hiking in a khaki kilt… that was interesting. It ended up being a good afternoon for the foothills. The weather was great, not too hot and not raining. We also saw a couple rabbits, some lizards and lots of grasshoppers. I love that Sean and Nathan like to spend time together outdoors. It’s so cute to see Nathan being the fun Daddy that he is.

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