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Anniversary Celebration

Sean ended up not sleeping over at cousin Sarah’s house because Sarah came down with a stomach bug. We went to pick him up late on Thursday night. Then early on Friday morning, Sean got sick in his bed. So we woke early on Friday and Nathan got the lad cleaned up and i got got his bed all cleaned up. Then we all went back to sleep for another couple hours. We got up around 10, and Sean seemed fine, so my mum picked him up and he spent the day with her at her restaurant. Nathan and I went out for lunch to Macaroni Grill, then caught the latest “Pirates of the Carribbean” movie, then went to dinner at Fudd Rucker’s. We got 2 “raincheck” movie tickets because the movie was slightly out of focus for the whole time. Nathan told an employee about it once, and I went out twice to tell someone. It was like watching the movie without my contacts, ‘cept without having to squint. I was a bit annoyed. We hadn’t been “out” to a movie since the last Star Wars. This experience reminded us why we like Netflix… pause when you want, move your chair as close to the tv as you want, and the food is practically free. Anyways, after we got home, we took a walk in the moonlight to a nearby convenience store, just cause we’d never been there and it’s right near the house. It’s a pretty standard convenience store, but Nathan was disappointed to see that they didn’t sell hotdogs. 🙂

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